9 Things To Toss From Your Wardrobe

Each year so many of us many goals or resolutions to start the year. Decluttering the house is a common one, and so we have put together 9 things to toss from your wardrobe this year.

9 Things to Declutter

1. Clothes That Are Faded/Stained/Torn (That Aren’t Meant To Be)

While you may have paid a small fortune for those jeans with all the tears in them, not all of our clothes are supposed to look like that. How many shirts do you own that have small holes in them, or a stained, faded or torn in ways they aren’t meant to be? Get rid of them!

Sure, if you absolutely love the pair of long comfy pants with the elastic waist (cookie pants… for when you want to sit and eat a box of cookies), and you cannot bear to part with them, then that’s totally okay. Keep them if they make you happy.

2. Clothes That Are Too Small

Still holding onto those pair of skinny jeans because they remind you of that summer when you were super thin but you haven’t been able to fit into them since? You have to ask yourself – why am I holding onto these? How do they make you feel when you see them?

Chances are they make you feel frustrated because you’re not that skinny anymore, or at the very least they don’t make you feel fabulous about your current self.

You should only hold onto clothes that make you feel amazing. If you’re planning on losing weight or toning up and expecting you’ll need smaller clothes then buy yourself new ones when you’re at the size/shape you want to be.

Changes in weight, hormones and times in our life change our body shape too, so make sure your clothes fit you beautifully and make you feel fantastic.

3. Clothes That Make You Feel Yuk

Similar to the above sentiments, be sure to pass on any clothes that make you feel less than the gorgeous person you are. It might be clothes that bring up bad memories, clothes that don’t fit properly or clothes that you just don’t like anymore. Get rid of them.

We tend to hold on to clothes out of guilt, we feel bad that we spent money on them and even if we don’t ever wear them, the thought of throwing them out seems even worse. Let it go. In doing so you might even learn to only purchase clothes you love and feel great in.

4. Broken And Worn Out Shoes

Time to tackle that shoe collection… round up any shoes that are broken, falling apart or worn out and get rid of them.

With them, throw out any shoes that you no longer love wearing, that hurt you feet way too much or that don’t have a pair.

5. Shoes That Don’t Fit

Have you ever been the kind of person who buys gorgeous shoes on sale, regardless of if they fit perfectly or not? Like, when they might be just a bit too small, but they are so gorgeous and so cheap you can’t resist, even though they absolutely kill your feet?

It’s time to get rid of them. They cannot possibly make you happy, they cause you nothing but pain and you probably avoid wearing them.

So pop them on one last time, lay back with your feet up in the air (Carrie Bradshaw style) and take a photo for posterity and pass them on to someone else who will love them just as much.

6. Underwear With Holes In Them

If this point needs an explanation then we have a lot more issues to tackle than your overflowing wardrobe.

Feeling fabulous in what you wear starts from the first layer, your underwear. You can’t expect to feel like a confident woman ready to take on the world if your Target underwear is threadbare and has holes in it.

Throw out any underwear that you can see through (if you’re not meant to see through them) and treat yourself to fresh new underwear if you need more.

7. Socks With Holes In Them

Again with the clothes that aren’t in good condition. Why keep socks that have holes in the toes and heels? They only frustrate you when you put them on and your toe pokes through the end. So get rid of them. You probably need less socks than you own anyway…

8. Unnecessary Double-Ups

Do you own five of the same style of t-shirt, one in each colour? Or even five of the same colour? 

There’s something to be said for wearing the same outfit each day but if you own double ups of everything you have, then all you’re doing is adding to the clutter.

Go through and get rid of your double ups. Do you need 10 different pairs of jeans and five different pairs of black pants? If not, pick your favourites that you absolutely love, and pass on the rest.

9. Accessories You No Longer Love

You know how that plaid scarf was your absolute favourite accessory 4 winters ago and you haven’t worn it since? But it still sits in your wardrobe, taking up space and gathering dust. Let it go (sing it with me now…).

Any accessories you don’t wear, the fascinator you wore to an event years ago, and the broken jewellry that you can’t wear, get rid of it all. There’s no need to keep it.

Best of luck with your closet cleanouts, and don't forget to check out our New Arrivals to stock back with some amazing new items