Finding the Perfect Family Photo Outfit

It is that time of year when we are all looking through our closet for something to wear for our upcoming family photos. This task can seem daunting, but thanks to Kristilee Nixon at Kristilee Photography we have some great tips on how to find the perfect outfit for your upcoming shoot!

Here are Kristilee's top tips:
  • Stay away from anything with large distracting logos or sayings 
  • Try to stay away from everyone wearing all black or white. You want to coordinate and not match. If someone will be wearing a pattern, take the two most prominent colors from that pattern and then have family two family members wear those colours. If you have more family members then that, they is where I like to add in more neutrals (greys, whites, black, navy, beige) 
  • Always dress like yourself, don’t wear something you would never wear normally! If you don’t feel like yourself you won’t look comfortable in your photos
  • Make sure you think of things such as shoes as well, your photographer will most likely make you sit down, so shoes and socks are most likely to show! 
  • For fall especially I like when families where outfits with jewel tones; Burgundy, navy, browns, mustard, emerald greens, etc 

We love these tips, and it should help in making your family photos a bit easier to coordinate for this fall!

 Mocha Sweater Olive Shirt  Brown Sweater







Be sure to check out Kristilee Parish Photography on Facebook to see some her great work, or get some more outfit inspiration.