How to Be a Master at Layering

Layering becomes essential around season changes. With warmer weather on its way, mixing some warmer items with lighter pieces becomes a must. Here are a few of our tips on how to become a master at layering!

1. Color Is Key

Try to keep to just a couple color families, this includes your accessories as well. Don't be afraid to mix in some prints, but keep the rest of the look in neutrals. Find some complimentary colors. Blue & camel is a favorite, but we also love burgundy and green as well as black and tan. 

2. Focus on Fabrics

Fabrics and giving your look some texture is a big help. Mix different fabrics like denim, cotton, and wool. Using 2-3 different fabrics can help bring your look alive. The different weights of the fabrics will help with how things move and lay.


3. Stick To One Bulky Item

Bulky items can be great to keep warm, but be sure to only use one while layering. This will help to keep your look as flattering as possible. Try keeping most of the layers on the lighter side, with the outside layer being the bulky item. This can be an oversized sweater, big scarf, or chunky sweater. 

4. Have Fun

Layering is meant to be fun! It is a trial of mixing and matching. The art of layering takes time and practice. Play around with looks, patterns, and colors. The more you layer, the more you will be able to extend your closet into the new seasons.