How to Elevate A Graphic Tee

Do you love graphic tee's, but want them to look a bit more elevated or polished to wear them out? The graphic tee has become such a staple in our lives, that it is time we start to incorporate them into our everyday life! So here are 3 tips that we have to give you that elevated look!

1. Add A Blazer

Whether you like an oversized silhouette or a more structured fit, adding a blazer is one way to instantly elevate a graphic tee and add a touch of sophistication.

2. Wear With Cropped Pants Or A Skirt

Another way to elevate your graphic tee is to wear it with cropped pants or a skirt instead of with shorts or regular jeans. Cropped pants can be a flattering look on a lot of women. Aim for an ankle-length, slim-leg pant in a neutral color for the safest bet.

3. Add an Elevated Shoe

That doesn’t have to mean heels, but adding heels does bring any outfit to a higher level…literally and figuratively! Besides heels, other ideas include pointed-toe flats, booties, platform sandals, espadrilles, or loafers. It’s your style, so pick what shoe works best for you.


How to Elevate a Graphic Tee