How to Get The Perfect T-Shirt Knot

The t-shirt has become a closet staple over the years. It just may be the easiest piece of clothing to wear. But how do you take the standard t-shirt and make it into just a little bit more? Welcome to the t-shirt knot!

The t-shirt knot can be done for a couple of reasons. Perhaps you have a large shirt that you want to make a bit more flattering, or maybe you just want to give it that little extra something.

Here are 2 methods that you can use just depending on how much fabric you have to use for your shirt.

Option 1: If you have a lot of material, you can just tie it in a regular knot

Step 1 - Gather ALL the extra fabric into one hand, on one side of your body.

Step 2 - Twist the gathered fabric until it’s twisted in a tight rope.

Step 3 - Wrap the twisted fabric around two of your fingers, just like how you’d start to form any knot.

Step 4 - Pull the end of the fabric around and underneath, through the hole you’ve made with your two fingers. Pull tight. 

Option 2: If you have do NOT have a lot of extra fabric, use a small rubber band to help tie a faux knot.

Step 1: Gather the extra fabric in one hand.

Step 2: Twist the fabric into a tight “rope” of fabric.

Step 3: Fold the rope of fabric in half.

Step 4: Wrap the rubber band twice over the folded rope.

Step 5: Slightly pull and adjust the fabric at the end of the “loop” you just made to cover the rubber band.

Don't forget Yes, it’ll stretch your shirt out. But there’s an easy fix for that. I’ve been knotting many of my tops lately — everything from cotton tees to silk shirts. And yes, they do wrinkle up and some of them even lose their shape all together. But so far, in my experience, a quick wash in the machine gets them back to normal.