The Truth About Wearing Stripes

We have all heard that stripes are hard to wear, or make you look larger. The truth is that stripes can be a really easy pattern to wear! Finding the right stripes for your body is key. We have put together a few tips on how to rock this look!

1. Think Thin

When it comes to more form fitting pieces (think dresses, skirts, etc.), thinner stripes will be more flattering than a wider version.

2. Stick to Vertical Stripes on the Bottom

When it comes to pants or shorts, it's best to stick to a vertical stripe. Wearing a horizontal stripe on your bottom half can make your appear wider than you are, while vertical stripes will elongate your look.

3. Mix it Up!

Stripes are the easiest pattern to mix. Try mixing different widths and directions of stripes. They also work great with mixing in florals or other patterns. Use your creativity!

4. Layer With Solids

The easiest way to start with stripes is to layer them with solids. Try a striped top, layered with a solid color blazer and a pair of jeans. Cardigans work great with this as well.

5. Opt For Diagonal Stripes

Not sure if horizontal or vertical is right for you? Try a diagonal stripe or chevron. This pattern confuses the eye, meaning that they can disguise parts of your body you don't love.

6. Stripes As An Accessory

Still not sure if stripes are right for you? Why not start with your accessories! Try a striped bag, shoe, scarf or watch. Baby steps can lead to you becoming a stripe master!

How to wear stripes