Top Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Do you seem to never be able to find what you are looking for in your current closet? You know you have that cute pair of shorts, but where the heck are they? Here are our top 10 closet organization ideas for keeping an organized closet and being able to find that cute outfit you wanted!

1. Double Up Your Hangers

Who knew those metal tabs that come on your soda cans could help you double your closet space? Use the tab to hook two hangers together so you only have to hang one from your rod. This can be done with your entire closet (saving valuable space for other hangers!)

Double Hanger

2. Invest in Dividers

Nifty inserts totally transform this previously cluttered undergarment drawer into a streamlined system and your can look just as beautiful. That way, you can always find your exact piece of clothing depending on what your outfit requires.

Drawer Organizer

3. Use Shower Curtain Rings for Scarves

You can give all of your colorful neck accessories individual holders when you loop shower curtain rings onto the base of a hanger. This trick also works wonderfully on belts and ties to give you extra space

Scarf Hanger

4. File Your T-Shirts

Once you start folding your shirts this way, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner: It means you can fit more into each dresser drawer and see your entire collection more clearly so you can spend less time sorting through everything you own. As an added bonus, sort these clothes by color to make it even easier to find that t-shirt.

T-Shirt File

5. Use Smarter Hangers

This circular hanger is designed for belts, but is just as handy for lightweight tanks, as proven here: Instead of stuffing your closet with more than 10 different hooks for your entire camisole collection, this tool lets you hang them all together.

Circular Hangers

6. Add More Rods

It's not complicated: Two clothing rods one better than one and this closet fits in an impressive count of three. Hang longer items like dresses from the higher rod and shirts from the lower storage unit. This really maximizes your closet space.

7. Store Bulky Items Like Shoes

Jean shorts or thick sweaters take up way too much space in drawers, but don't mesh well with hangers well either. The best solution? This storage space unit (made for shoes!) that lets you roll each item up and store it individually to utilize vertical space

8. Add Storage Up Top

Our advice? The higher, the better. Because if you add extra shelf space on top of the rod in your closet, you can store seasonal items here instead of in hall closets (those are better suited for cleaning supplies and linens, anyway).

9. Loop Shorts Individually

Instead of stacking thick shorts on top of each other, make special hangers for each pair during the summer with shower curtain rods then when it starts to cool down you can replace the rings with pants and pack your shorts in storage.

10. Label Everything

Trust us: You'll spend less time looking for items and won't have to sort through (and inevitably totally mess up) your piles to find the blouse that matches your skirt. A tidy closet makes the world of difference.