Crazy Bitch Candle - Scents of Shame
Night Checks Candle - Scents of Shame
Pasture Tour Candle - Scents of Shame
Sorting Day Candle - Scents of Shame
Classy AF Candle - Scents of Shame
Hot Mess Candle - Scents of Shame
Shit Show Candle - Scents of Shame

Scents of Shame Candles

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A great smelling candle is awesome, but what is even better is a great smelling candle that tells the truth! Check out these witty candles from Scents of Shame with not only some great names, but amazing scents to them. The original makes of the witty cow candle

Crazy Bitch - smells like a trip to the auction market - Sweet Pear + Whiskey

Night Checks - smells like nothing runs smoothly after midnight - Irish Cream + Coffee + Cocoa

Pasture Tour - smells like the new herd sire was horny for the neighbors heifers - Spiced Run + Clove

Sorting Day - smells like a visit to the marriage counsellor - Gin + Tonic + Twist of Lime

Hot Mess- Smells like trouble never looked so damn fine - Gilded Rose + Spruce

Classy AF - Small like fake eyelashes and dry shampoo - Himalayan Cedar + Jasmine 

Shit Show - Smells like booze is the glue that holds it all together - Coconut + Sea Salt + Amber